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Little Vine Vineyards and Winery

Villa Rica, GA


Wedding and Event Packages

Vineyard/Winery Policy

It is imperative that you follow our winery policy. Please take the time to read it on our website or you can review them at the winery.

  1. Absolutely NO outside alcohol is allowed on our premises inside/outside. It is our policy as well as a county ordinance. You will be asked to leave premises if you bring it in.
  2. No more reservations made out on patio for parties over 24 people. If over 24 people, you will need to reserve our private room inside winery.
  3. When reserving tables, please understand that if you ask us to reserve table/s for 24 people that is what we will do. We do not reserve food tables. All tables reserved are for SEATING only. As always, we welcome you to bring food if you would like, but you will need to use the table/s reserved for you seating and your food.
  4. Reserved tables are just that reserved. Please do not sit at a table that is reserved for someone else.
  5. Chairs are arranged at tables for a reason. Please do not pull chairs from other tables. If you need more chairs, ask one of our staff members to assist you with that.
  6. Cover charges apply if not a designated driver and to all children.

Since we are a family oriented venue, children are welcome. However, they must be under the supervision of parents or a responsible party 21 years of age or older while on vineyard and winery premises. We very much appreciate your support with this. And because we are a family oriented venue and we are a winery not a bar, inappropriate behavior WILL not be accepted!

Entertainment Friday & Saturday from 7-10 p.m.

There is a $10.00 per person (adult) cover charge for those who do not purchase wine or one of our products totaling $10.00 or more per person. Of course, there are exceptions for designated drivers and spouses/dates of the entertainers. And $5.00 cover charge for children.

We want everyone to come out and enjoy the entertainment without paying a cover charge. But please understand we pay our entertainment out of the proceeds from our products we sell. You are welcome to come and enjoy our talented musicians and not buy anything, but you will have to pay the $10.00 per person cover charge.

Call us or send email/ text, if you have a group of 6-12 people so tables can be set up accordingly prior to your arrival. We welcome larger groups, but due to limited space in arranging tables for larger groups, beyond 12 will be seated at other tables which can also be reserved for your party, if you desire.

We reserve tables with a reserved sign and name on them. These tables have been designated for those who have called and made reservations. Others taking tables not reserved for them will be asked to move when the party that reserved them arrives. Moving to other tables or moving tables already placed must be approved by management before moving them. And we ask all - please do not take tables not reserved for anyone that have more than four chairs with only one or two people in your party. We allow you to bring your own food, but we do not have the room for you to use a larger table for your food with just a couple of people sitting at the table when we may need it for other larger group customers coming in.

We love and appreciate our customers and we take pride in serving each and every one of you with excellent customer service being our number one objective. Thanks so much for your continued support! We are available during business hours and also other times outside regular hours for special events, such as weddings, business meetings, parties, art shows, etc. contact us to schedule your event today!